• Simple is better. Lead times are dependent on various factors. Best estimate on timing will be given upon quotation. 


  • We focus on the the BASIX - Steel and Wood



  • Predominantly BB Pine Ply, Cross Laminated Spruce, WISA Birch or Melamine. Solid wood species are available on special request, but we prefer to stick to the basix. (As they take much longer, are much more expensive and less readily available.)

  • All wood elements will include a clear coat finish - either sealer or varnish. Clear sealer will keep the natural colour in tact.

  • We prefer not to paint or stain the wood surfaces. We can upon special request but there will be additional charges and lead times will be longer. 


  • Readily available mild steal extrusions of various shapes and sizes

  • The three basix powder-coat colours are: Clear, Black or White. Alternative colours are available on special request. But this increase cost and lead times. ( And only if available at the time of request) 

  • We will never offer to paint the steel elements for you. Powder coating is our only option.


  • Custom Designs are welcome. If we like it, we will offer to showcase it on our site so others can order it ( it will be named after you)

  • All of our current designs and sizes are customisable. Changes are time consuming and a small fee will be added to your quotation as a line item.

  • We are able to help you with the design of your concept - this is a time consuming process and a fee will be charged. Regardless of whether the order for the unit is placed. 


  • Design fees will be charged upfront. Design is based on a factor of time, and will charged as such. 

  • All furniture orders will require a 60% deposit. The balance will be paid on delivery of the unit.

  • As a devision of NIGHTFOX DESIGN PTY Ltd - All invoices and quotes will be from NIGHTFOX.